Joyce was born and raised in Chicago where she gave birth to her 3 children naturally. With a strong connection for family and her values she homeschooled her 3 children, In 2004 her husband passed away and she remarried  and moved to Tennessee for 5 years. She currently resides in the South East part of Louisiana with her husband.

From Chicago to Louisiana she has played a key role in her community.

Joyce started researching holistic health in 2010 after her husband was misdiagnosed in 2008. He was told he would never get better, but when he found out what was really wrong he was able to. At the same time they knew they had to change the way they were living. It was after this that his health really improved.

Their lifestyle became fully holistic as of 2012. Joyce wanted to share the information she learned with others and began writing about it in 2013. With a passion to help more individuals learn about holistic health she became a freelance writer in 2014. In 2015 she started It's Your Life podcast via Wolf Spirit Radio. During that same year she started a holistic magazine where she wrote articles and published it. 

In 2016 she started doing public speaking on various topics related  to holistic health. Joyce wants to share with others what took her years to learn. She has not been to a doctor in over 11 years. For the first time in over 11 years she dealt with a health issue for 4 days. Not to worry it was just a stomach bug. She credits her holistic lifestyle for her good health at this mature part of her life.

Joyce's Hobbies

While a big part of her life revolves around holistic health, Joyce has other interests. She loves spending time with her family, traveling with her husband, rockhounding, crafting,  hiking, camping, fishing, singing, cooking, baking, reading, meeting new people, playing games with her family, laughing, attempting to dance, exercising, going to ren fests and learning new things. 

  • Sunday School teacher

  • VBS teacher & coordinator 

  • Homeschool co-op coordinator & leader

  • Cub Scout Master
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