Wisdom is a gift, a blessing. The old tree dragon wishes to enrich you with wisdom and an understanding of death.

Death is everywhere. Death happens all the time and is part of life. Perform an exercise with the wise tree dragon. Begin by cleansing your room and lighting some candles. Play some pleasant instrumental music. Call the old tree dragon to your room. Visualize it appearing before you. Connect with it by binding light-filled thread between all your chakras. Ask the dragon for its wisdom, for understanding of life and death , and then pause a while to breathe in harmony with this magical being. Understand that you say yes to life with every intake of breathe and that something dies with each exhalation. Understand that when you love deeply, it also involves death; love brings about a melting and a melding, and you are no longer the same person as before. Let energy flow between you and the brown dragons. Recognize that the highest divine source is revealed in love and in death. Recognize that there is a divine part within you that has no fear of death as it is aware of its own immorality.