Divine spirit,

Please bring balance into my life,

on all levels of my being.

Help me to know what is for me,

and to know what is not for my highest good.

Help me know the difference.

My life is now in order!

So be it!

Learn to juggle today!

The Balancing Act


If you drew this card, it might be time to sit back and review just what you have put on your plate. Are you overworking or underworking? Strive for balance between work and play and honor your mental , emotional, physical and spiritual needs. Weed out whatever no longer serves your highest good. Enjoy life and live it now. Strive for balance in all that you do. Just take a deep breath, release it and sense the calm enfolding you... this is the peace of balance. The scales are always tipping one way or the other. The trick is not to let the scale tip too far in any direction. Without the constant shifting of perspectives, life would be stagnant and offer no growth or lesson. if things feel out of balance in your life, consider your thought patterns. Where do they lead you? Replace any thoughts that are not for your highest good with thoughts that are positive and productive. Remember to focus on the things that you want in your life, not your perceived troubles. Act as if your good has already manifested. It has manifested on a higher plane and is now working its way to you in your material world. Remember that balance is constantly in a state of pursuit. It must remain in a state of movement . If the movement stops then it no longer is the act , but a state of suspension and lack of action.

Magician Juggling