Enjoying Street Food

People require dietary changes for various reasons. Even if there is no current health issue, you should still consider dietary changes. Work with Joyce in the following areas.

  • Switching to organic

  • Buying organic

  • Why organic

  • Learn about the current food supply

  • Don't deprive yourself

  • Food replacements for better health

  • Free range products vs factory farm raised



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Everything is energy, the trees, water, people, animals, food etc. When energy is not flowing correctly it has a negative impact on us in various ways. It can effect our health, mood, finances and every other aspect of our lives.


Joyce will help bring positive energy and raise the vibrational frequency in every aspect off your life, so you can live life the way you were meant to. 


Oracle cards are different from tarot in a number of ways.

  • Usually only one card is pulled

  • They are inspirational

  • You will be prompted to preform a task

  • They give advice 

Joyce is an intuitive and has been in contact with her guides and angels for over 6 years. She is also able to connect with others, this how she reads.