The difference between oracle cars and tarot is that, for the most part, only 1 card is pulled. Oracle cards are used to guide us for our highest good. They instruct, guide and inspire us. Some include chants, instruct us to do something and/or include a keyword for us to focus on.

Currently there are 2 decks to chose from, the Fairy Wisdom or the Dragon Wisdom.

dragon wisdom oracle.jpg


Joyce is an intuitive, empath and in touch with the spiritual realm. She uses her abilities to pull a card that is best for your highest good and read, there are 2 options for a reading.

  1. Email Reading - Once the payment is received you will be emailed with the following instructions. Send a picture of yourself, include your first name and give Joyce permission to access your angels, spirit guides and ascended masters. You will receive an image of the card and text of it's meaning.

  2. Virtual Reading - When payment is received an email will be sent with a link to Joyce's calendar. Once the session is scheduled you will receive a link for the Zoom call. The session can last up to a half hour and allows you to go more in-depth with Joyce. You also can ask her 3 yes or no questions which she will use her pendulum to answer and access to the recorded session.

PLEASE READ - Payments will be sent to Joyce's sister's site Heavenly Bodies where she sells a variety of products .


To help chose the deck you would like a reading from Joyce pulled cards from both decks.  By clicking on the buttons below you can view them. If you are not sure which deck to chose Joyce will intuitively choose for you. This option is available here, just click the chose for me button.


PayPal makes easier then ever to pay. You do not have to have a PayPal account to pay and there is a pay later option along with Venmo. However to use pay later you do have to have an account.